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Ride the Wind!

Made in the USA, the para-sail is a parachute that goes up!  It is designed to be towed behind a boat or 4-wheel drive vehicle.  The passenger snaps into the para-sail's comfortable harness, signals the driver of the tow vehicle, takes a few steps -- and soars into the air!  Depending on the length of the tow rope, your para-sail can carry you hundreds of feet into the sky.
RIDE THE WIND under our para-sail and you'll never again be happy just being a "landlubber."  Grin to the thrill -- and the beauty -- of soaring hundreds of feet above your favorite lake, river or ocean.  The colorful para-sail sparkles overhead while you enjoy a birds eye view in a peaceful and serene world.

Flyer's aerial view over lake.

The ride is breathtaking and thoroughly enjoyable.  The para-sail is stable so the passenger enjoys the ride without having to steer.  And landings are easy: the tow vehicle slows down and the rider is gently lowered to earth.

The para-sail has been popular at resorts for years.  Now weekend sportsmen are discovering that towing the para-sail is as easy as it is exciting.

Flying the para-sail is an aerial adventure that the whole family will enjoy.  Get a para-sail from Power-Sail Corporation and ride the wind this weekend!

Flyer about to skim the water.

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