Para-Sail Winches

Ride the Wind!

We do NOT sell para-sail WINCHES.  This is for information purposes only….!!!

Commercial Para-Sailing requires more sophisticated and costly equipment to operate.  The resulting advantages are as follows:
1) Consistency in utilizing existing any wind direction and speed (to a maximum of 20-25 mph).
2) To allow para-sail inflation over the water  (instead of dry land / beach launching).
3) Consistency to pre-inflate para-sail
directly into prevailing wind (prior to the flyer hooking on).
4) To winch the flyer out and back to the boat's platform, without getting wet and without effort.

The commercial para-sail boat is set up with:
1) Hydraulic Winch Drum holding 500-1000 Ft. of Tow Rope with speeds of 200-300 Ft./Minute withstanding pull forces up to 2,500 pounds.
2) Elevated Platform for launch and landing.   
3) Lifting Mast for assisting para-sail inflation or other form of launching device.

The following features are necessary for a Para-Sail Winch boat:

1.  Over all length at least 28 FT   Beam 9.5 ft or greater.
2.  Open bow for passengers to sit.  No cabin or super structure to interfere with air flow across the boat.
3.  Gunnel level large flight deck.  (Beam x 8 ft minimum, the longer the better) Room mid-ship for a parasail inflation bar mount.
4.   Large engine compartment with single engine (inboard) at least 300 HP.  The entire winch system will weight around 400 lbs with all the parts and requires a volume of space around 4 ft x 3 ft x 2 ft.     

The cost of the winch system is 11K to 12 K depending on the extent of parts wanted or needed. 

TOTAL: Likely to be over $12,000.00 plus your time and unknown "custom installation" costs.

PLUS:  Para-sail inflation device.
PLUS:  Launch/Landing platform (50-60 sq. ft.)

The bottom line is,
for recreational para-sailing a winch system, inflation device and platform is cost prohibitive.



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