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B O A T   T O W I N G   H A R N E S S

1) Regular Boat Tow Harness: Regular Hardware ("Quick Link" Hardware)
2) Deluxe Boat Tow Harness: Stainless Steel "Carabineer" Hdw.
(shown below)

PURPOSE: Sliding action equalizes the tow rope pull to BOTH sides of the boat at all times (i.e. when making turns).  The harness attaches to the boat's transom eye bolts (commonly used as the trailer tie downs).  The tow harness is primarily recommended for smaller / lighter boats (under 2,000 lb.).

Note: This is NOT necessary if your boat has a center transom eye bolt

Tow Bridle for para-sailing.

1. Tie overhand knot in yellow para-sail tow rope (see above photo).
2. Make sure the white tow harness rope is free from twists / knots.
3. With boat in the water ready to para-sail, attach the harness links to the boat's transom eyes.
4. Float is intended to keep harness away from propeller, do not operate without float.
5. If the tow harness rope shows excessive wear, replace immediately (standard rope cut length is 12 feet).

1. Rinse thoroughly after use (especially when used in salt water).
2. The white tow harness rope comes lubricated with silicone from the factory, re-lubricate as needed to prevent undue rope wear.
3. Inspect rope for wear prior to use, do not use if frayed.
3. For any questions call or E-mail the factory.

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