Parasail Custom Diagram

Print the below diagram to develop your custom color pattern.

Print and use the following diagram to work out your custom color or artwork layout.  Basically, there are 16 panels in the canopy construction, each panel has four (4) sections.  Additionally, the left and right stabilizers each have four (4) sections.  In all, there are 72 sections to choose your colors.

Custom Color / LOGO Layout Diagram
Para-Sail diagram layout for custom coloring, etc.

STOCK COLORS to choose from are: Black, White, Bright Yellow, Orchid, Red, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Raspberry and Turquoise.  Also available on request: Silver, Maroon, Navy Blue, Light Green

When planning for LOGO Artwork, consider your goal.  If you plan on photographing the para-sail and flyer from the boat having "fun in the sun" for posters, brochures, etc. the Artwork should be INSIDE the para-sail in the rear section.  If you plan to advertise directly to your customers, choose the outside rear and / or sides or the para-sail.  For size and placement decisions, consider the inflated shape and curvature.  Unsure how to proceed?  Give us the artwork and general guidance and we will work out the details and quote a price.   View Samples

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