Custom Artwork

We specialize in commercial artwork and logos for advertising and promotion.   

NOTE: There are two categories of custom para-sail artwork:

1) "Sew on" contrasting color stencil cloth. This is faster and may cost less but has limits on color selection and design intricacy (see above "RIDES" & "254-2879").

2) "Paint on" for more intricate logos and artwork, usually required for larger designs with multiple colors (see above "HEINEKEN" & "RADISSON").

For item No. 1 normal delivery is 2-3 weeks and No. 2 is 4-5 weeks.  Delivery times are from receipt of original artwork and layout approval. Since the para-sail is curved with numerous vent slots, some practical limitations exist.  You may choose location of artwork (inside or outside) depending on viewing requirements.  Many logos and messages are on the rear portion viewed outwards ("RADISSON" & "MILLER / RIDES") but may also be on inside ("SHERATON KEY LARGO").  A few logos lend themselves to a full inside center location ("HEINEKEN" & "LUCKY STRIKE"). See: ACCESSORY PRICES for costs.

A minimum deposit of 50% is required for custom work but in most cases it is more practical to make one full payment (helps avoid further delays in shipping).

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